iPanel is a professional online sample collecting company for market survey. We invite netizens to join our membership system through internet or offline for free to help corporations obtain opinions and suggestions of the consumers.

iPanel lets you share your opinions and suggestions fast, conveniently and intelligently. Any survey you participate in will give you 1-2000 points. We are a reputational Asian online survey company ranked within the top 10 of the sample companies throughout the world by authorities through consecutive years. We keep our promises to you and receive high credibility from the members. The online surveys offered by our company are rewarded with redeemable points to you.

You only have to obtain our questionnaires by email or logging onto our membership system and based on your personal status duly fill the questionnaires through which you can pay attention to or give opinions on the products or services around yourself. Our surveys only aim at domestic members of a country who will be screened as participators and the quality of the questionnaires will be controlled by our strict internet technologies.

Survey has always been a strong method of corporations knowing about consumers, obtaining feedbacks on new products and acquiring the developing tendency of the industry. Before the application of internet, companies used to spend huge amount of time and money on assigning organizations to take the methods of interviews, street interventions, phone calls and others to survey and manage the interviewees. The online survey makes it easier for interviewees to participate and select freely which is accepted by more consumers with wider range to make the survey result closer to actuality.

Moreover, the interviewees can participate in the questionnaires any time anywhere according to their own time. Without any special requirement, we do not need you to go to any designated location or participate in any phone call questionnaires. You only have to easily answer the online questionnaires when you have access to the internet. Online survey has getting more and more acceptable by the consumers and more corporations are making all kinds of products or satisfaction surveys through us. However, with the developing of online survey, some may be cheated. There are 'alliance partners’ who have no intention to pay and on the contrary will try to obtain your information, sell products to you or both! What can be worse is that some ‘affiliate agencies’ try to offer you ‘lottery draws’ to cheat internet members. Those absolutely do not exist in iPanel and any of our promises will be made into payments.

In our membership system the surveys fitting your personal status will be listed for free participation and we pay with cash and/or gifts for rewarding. For thanking your support, we offer the function of obtaining more points and we will also weekly give lucky draws to credible members. In iPanel you will harvest a lot everyday and your points can be redeemed for cash anytime. Our payments are of different types which can support all kinds of credit cards, bank account cards or online payments.

By joining iPanel, your opinions will be considered of enough importance and you will contribute much in the improvement of the products and the quality of the services and also your life quality will be much improved.

We are against of any cheating by technology or fabricating fake information. We have policies to rank the credibility of our members. Our surveys are only sent to respondents with real information, honesty and seriousness in questionnaire answering.

Our payments are in time and rapid which can be made within hours or one week. If you intend to join an online membership management system with extreme high credibility, iPanel will be your best choice!

Let us save Mother Earth from global warming. I we do not pollute our environment, we can still enjoy this refreshing surroundings.

Two weeks ago, I came across an email advertising about an online survey program. I checked the site and read about how its survey works and of course, how am I going to be compensated for my opinion. I was attracted to join the site as its surveys are designed for each country and is available in the Philippines. Most of the surveys I've seen in other sites are only available in the U.S. and Canada.

Ipanel will give rewards to its members by giving points for each survey completed. This would range from 50-200 points. One thing I liked about it is when you reach 200 points, you can redeem P 100 (that's in Philippine money, about $2.40 dollars when converted). I was able to redeem P 200 already. See my payment proofs below:
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